$23,018 of $23,018 raised

2010-11-01 ~ 2011-10-30
Agency: Concern Universal


The Karambenor project will support the returnees affected by the conflict to rebuild their lives and improve the social and economic development of the community. The 18 target villages of the project are in the Sindian-Sous Prefecture and the activities focus on needs identified by the returnees through meetings and discussions, with a special focus on the most marginalized (women, children and people with special needs).

$15,350 of $15,350 raised

2010-11-01 ~ 2011-10-30
Agency: Women’s Education for Advancement and Empowerment (WEAVE)

This project will provide refugee girls and women, aged 16 to around 40 years old, access to education and learning on women’s issues, human rights and languages. 30 refugee girls and women, aged 15-21, will be supported to attend the Women’s Study Program (WSP) in Karenni Camp 1, Thai/Burma border, and a further 300 refugees, of whom 70% will be women, will be provided with educational community outreach.

$18,479 of $18,479 raised

2010-11-01 ~ 2011-10-30
Agency: Karen Women’s Organisation (KWO)

This project has two aims, the first being to improve the health and hygiene of Karen refugee mothers and babies, providing 300 basic baby hygiene kits to new mothers in Ee Htu Hta camp, Burma/Thai border, as well as providing basic education information about maternal and newborn health.

$25,000 of $25,000 raised

2010-08-01 ~ 2011-07-30
Agency: Right to Play

This project will create awareness among children and young people, aged 12-25, in Juba, South Sudan, on HIV/AID prevention, breaking down the stigma and equipping young people with life skills to enable them resist peer pressure and make right choice to live healthy life. 10,000 children and young people, including returnees, refugees and former child soldiers will have access to HIV/Aids prevention message through sport and play programmes. The outreach will be conducted through teachers, peer educators (aged 12-17), schools and community centres to ensure the health messages are far reaching.

$13,900 of $13,900 raised

2010-08-01 ~ 2011-04-01
Agency: Karenni Further Studies Program

This project will enable 45 refugee students, aged 16 to 21, to attend the Karenni Further Study Program for the 2010-2011 school year, in Karenni Camp 2, Thai/Burma border. The Karenni Further Studies Programme (KnFSP) is a community-led initiative that was established to create a two year school program for young people aged 16-21, who do not have access to further education. The study program will provide a safe and enabling learning environment to develop the knowledge, skills and attitude of young people to value their education and assist in community building where ever they may be.

$25,000 of $25,000 raised
2010-08-01 ~ 2010-10-30
Agency: HelpAge International
This project will provide direct, emergency assistance to 940 of the most vulnerable older people in Kyrgyzstan, in the wake of the recent unrest in Osh and Jalal Abad. The assistance will be in the form of cash grants of $22 each, to enable older people to buy urgent goods, such as household or personal items, like clothes, that have been lost or destroyed through the crisis.

$2,140 of $2,140 raised

2010-08-01 ~ 2011-01-20
Agency: Earthrights International

Refugee Empowerment International has funded EarthRights International alumni small projects with great success for a number of years. The ERS Alumni programme was established to assist its graduates in pursuing opportunities to build a strong and independent base in preparation for return to Burma is the focus of this funding support request.

$25,000 of $25,000 raised

2010-07-01 ~ 2011-06-30
Agency: Jesuit Refugee Service

Assistance with home-based health care will be provided to 100 chronically ill asylum seekers in South Africa. An additional 700 asylum seekers will be assisted with seeking adequate health care through advocacy for fee exemption and the provision of consultation fees and money for medicines where required. The primary focus of this project is the newly arrived and those who are not able to support themselves or their children due to illness and disability.

$10,000 of $10,000 raised

2010-06-01 ~ 2011-05-30
Agency: Social Development Center

The Social Development Center will again conduct a ten-month training course in 2010-2011. The goal is to develop and share knowledge and skills regarding human rights, environment, and law among the Karenni people. Subjects covered will include human rights, children’s rights, refugees’ rights, and women’s rights.

$25,000 of $25,000 raised

2010-03-31 ~ 2010-09-30
Agency: HelpAge International

This six month project will improve the wellbeing of older people returning to their homes in the DRC. “Older people” associations will be established in the returning communities. Additionally training in the production and marketing of ‘briquettes combustibles’ will include older members of the community.