Our Commitment to Sustainability SDG 3

October 14, 2022

REI, in alliance with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, aims to invoke positive, enduring community-led change. Read on to learn how the projects we support contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 3, Good Health & Well-Being

<< TARGET 3.1: Reduce maternal mortality >>

  • The Karen State Maternal Healthcare Project provides 7 kilos of yellow beans to 50 pregnant or lactating women in the IDP camp, Ee Tu Hta, and surrounding villages

<< TARGET 3.2: End all preventable deaths under 5 years of age >>

  • Our funding also provides 300 baby kits to mothers of new-born babies in 9 townships of 4 districts of Karen State, including Ee Tu Ta. 

In 2018, one baby kit included: 

<< TARGET 3.3: Fight communicable diseases >>

  • Additionally, the Maternal Healthcare Project provides over 3,500 community members with 106 sessions of Women’s Health Awareness training. 
    • 2,948 female and 490 male participants
    • Each session provides refugees and IDPs (internally displaced persons) life-saving information on personal hygiene, toilet etiquette, and the prevention of HIV/AIDS.

<< TARGET 3.5: Prevent and treat substance abuse >>

  • The Thai-Myanmar Addiction Rehabilitation Center prevents and treats substance abuse amongst refugees/IDPs (internationally displaced persons) on the Thai-Myanmar border. 
    • Pre-assessment, detoxification, addiction education, and Narcotics Anonymous implemented for 50 clients annually.
    • 50-60% sobriety rate in the 2 years following program completion. 

<< TARGET 3.6: Reduce road injuries and deaths >>

  • Rehabilitation, however, is not an individual process; Each client has a family, and each family a corresponding community or neighborhood. 
    • Treatment for 50 clients extends impact to over 250 (clients’ families) lives.
    • Programming reaches 500 community members by reducing violence, theft, and fear that addiction brings.