Join the REI Donor Club

June 14, 2023

This is a way to make a difference while connecting with interesting people and broadening your horizons.

For the price of a lunch or evening out you can become a Donor Club member and join a community of caring individuals.

A small donation each month is more manageable than a one-off donation and builds up to a sizable contribution over the year. It enables REI to provide sustainable support to community activities. You will be supporting someone to establish an income, to get an education, to take a role in their community and, above all, regain their self-respect.

Your monthly donation is a gift that keeps on giving.

In return for your subscription, we send out regular updates through the year, organise informal networking evenings four times a year and provide two online information sessions each year. You will meet people from a variety of countries and different business sectors while sharing your concern for building a better world.

REI takes pride in its partnerships with local groups and communities so refugees can create a sustainable future for themselves. Donor Club members are in this partnership and you can be proud of building a sustainable base to REI.

Join us to send kindness from Japan and promote independence, as we provide a hand-up to forgotten communities.

All Donor Club donations are tax deductible.