Giving December

December 12, 2023

Our target for Giving December is to raise ¥1million. Giving December is an international effort to motivate people to “give back” through their non-profits of choice. With every new crisis in the world, old ones are forgotten, as are the millions who have been displaced for decades.  REI supports these communities and the more you give, the more people we can empower! Invest in the future through REI this December.

Our first story for Giving December and Gift-a-Smile campaign

Ah Lay, is an Addiction treatment worker leading the treatment cycle team in Mae La camp.
“Before I came to the Treatment Center, I only cared about myself. I didn’t care about my family or community. But the people of the Center treated me like family, and I changed. Now my priority is to help the people of my community to heal and recover like I did. I found happiness when I learned to give priority to others over myself.”