Gift-a-Smile story 8

January 24, 2024

Ranin is a Palestinian refugee who was born in Lebanon.  She started her career working in different kindergartens around the Wadi Zayne gathering, and after gaining 9 years of experience, she was recruited to be an assistant teacher for the KG2 level at the kindergarten supported by REI. 

Now, she teaches Arabic and provides psycho-social support to KG3 students.  

Ranin says that the job has given her a sense of belonging as she developed great relationships with her colleagues. She says she’s become more confident and outgoing as a person.  

But most importantly, the work at the kindergarten paved the way for her financial independence and ability to survive through the current economic crisis.  

Ranin hopes to continue her work at the kindergarten educating young refugee children like herself to give them a brighter future.