The REI gala 2024 raised ¥9.6M! 

March 18, 2024

The REI gala held at the Conrad Tokyo on Friday, March 1 was a huge success for REI. Thanks to the 150+ guests that attended, our generous sponsors and donors, the event raised ¥9.6 million

The funds will provide a “hand-up” to displaced communities that have been forgotten by many:  directly benefitting up to 1,500 people and 5,000 indirectly through the ripple effect in families and communities.

We are consulting our partners in the field to decide the best allocation of funds in the next couple of months, but we know it will contribute to the following:

  • Refugees in Nairobi having work and income
  • Karenni students pursuing education
  • People in camps on the Thai-Myanmar border addressing addiction
  • Syrian children in Lebanon beginning their education
  • New mothers in Karen state, Myanmar, receiving health training

This will empower and restore self-respect for people who have lost so much but are determined to face the challenges and live as normal a life as possible. Thank you so much to everyone for your kind support and enthusiasm.
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