Team Building

April 9, 2024

REI offers a variety of team building events and activities that anyone can benefit from, be it your department team, corporate office, or group of friends. By attending these events, you can improve communication, productivity, and cooperation while improving your relationship with one another.  

This could include a race night, workshops, and activities that will get you moving and active, like the REI walking challenge. 

If you and your team prefer a fast-paced, competitive experience, the REI Race Night is perfect for you. Race on high-tech simulators, competing against friends, colleagues or even partner companies. If this interests you, please click here to read more. 

If a more relaxed, cooperation-oriented approach suits you, the multitude of workshops REI hosts is definitely the right choice for you. For a healthy and productive team to operate efficiently, a strong morale along with motivation is crucial, which our workshops can provide. If you are interested, please click here to learn more. 

Why not get out of the office and participate in the walking challenge to support REI, getting exercise and clearing the mind while simultaneously learning more about refugees and their stories? With this event, you will undoubtedly gain a new perspective on what a refugee might go through.
You can join the upcoming Walking Challenge here.
Click here if you would like to learn more.