Assistance to Human Rights Training

$10,000 of $10,000 raised

2010-06-01 ~ 2011-05-30
Agency: Social Development Center

The Social Development Center will again conduct a ten-month training course in 2010-2011. The goal is to develop and share knowledge and skills regarding human rights, environment, and law among the Karenni people. Subjects covered will include human rights, children’s rights, refugees’ rights, and women’s rights.

This year training will be provided to twenty-five young Karenni who are interested in non-violent social change, environment and law. Additionally mobile trainers will be developed to spread knowledge of human rights, the environment, and law beyond the local community. Work with partner organizations will be undertaken to promote the protection and preservation of human rights and the environment.

From 2003 to 2010 the Karenni Social Development Center training school has produced 124 human rights and environment activists. Many graduates have returned and become involved in their community-based organizations such as women’s organizations, youth organizations, camp administration, justice and other human rights and environmental organizations. Still others have taken up more risky work inside Karenni State to gather information related to the human rights and environmental abuses Karenni people are facing and to report these results.

As a result of the activities of the school’s graduates and short-term training, the Karenni population in the camp and in many villages inside Karenni State has started talking about human rights and working to defend their rights. Major recent peaceful demonstrations and demands for human rights in the camp are proof that the project is a success. The project is also successful because many graduates have taken jobs in the Camp Justice Office to carry out the implementation of a fair and balanced justice process.

Additional Information

The goal of the Social Development Center is to distribute knowledge and skills in Human Rights, Environment and Law, on the Thai-Burma Border.


During the program, 25 students were successfully trained who will be assets to the community in the future and will work to share their knowledge. The classes were based on a comprehensive curriculum, including small group discussion, presentations, case studies and game activities in class.
The SDC provided a field-work session in October 2010. The staff and teachers provides research topics for the participants, relating to issues of Human Rights, Environment, and Rule of Law. The participants had one month for field-work, a week to prepare their research paper and submit report and then a week for presentations, including achievements and challenges during their field-work period.

Case study

Than Maung is a 23 year old student who was born in Naung Htaw village, Shan state of Burma. Although he managed to finish 10th grade education in Burma in 2006, because of the unrest of the political in Burma, he fled his native village to the Karenni Refugee camp in 2007. During his study in Burma, he had never heard about Human rights, the Environment, the Rule of law or Democracy, because there was no one had access to such information and opportunities to learn about it. Actually, these subjects are ignored by the SPDC government and they forbid this knowledge to be spread among of our people within Burma. He believes that he has changed from a bit of an extremist to more a flexible and reasonable person, by attending this program.


“Before attending in this project, I didn’t understand about how important Law is to our community. But now I realize that the rule of law is an essential for our community to understand and follow.”
– Than Maung