Funded Projects

$20,000 of $20,000 raised

2013-10-01 ~ 2014-03-28
Agency: Popular Aid for Relief and Development (PARD)
US $20,000

This project will enhance the living conditions of 370 Syrian and Palestinian families who have been displaced as a result of the ongoing Syrian conflict. Each family will receive a kit containing vital sanitary and hygiene materials that are often lacking in their gatherings, or informal settlements, in Lebanon. Additionally, project assistants will conduct regular health education sessions for around 600 women to help ensure a clean and safe living environment while these families adjust to new conditions.

$20,000 of $20,000 raised

2013-09-20 ~ 2014-09-20
Agency: Karen Women’s Organisation

This project will provide 2,000 baby kits to women and newborn babies in the Karen State of Burma. The kits contain baby and laundry soap, sarongs, nappies, and a health message for maternal health education, all of which goes a long way for such a small price. Based on recent birth rates in the Karen State, this project should provide every mother of a child born in the Karen State this year with a baby kit.

$18,406 of $18,406 raised

2013-07-31 ~ 2014-07-30
Agency: World Vision Sri Lanka

This project is designed to enhance the quality of preschool education in the newly resettled areas of the Mullaitivu District, Northern Sri Lanka by supporting preschool teachers in achieving their diplomas. The teachers are returnees themselves whose lives have been affected by conflict, and thus this project will provide them opportunities for higher education that have previously been limited.

$19,433 of $19,433 raised

2013-07-20 ~ 2014-07-20
Agency: Karenni Social Development Centre

This project will provide education and training in democracy, government, human rights and environmental preservation to thirty-four (34) Karenni young adults living as refugees on the Thai-Burma border. By participating in this program, the students will receive educational opportunities that have previously been limited, if not completely denied, and their knowledge will help spread throughout the community to create a foundation for new perspectives and ideas in their struggle against the realities of displacement.

$19,820 of $19,820 raised
2013-06-01 ~ 2013-05-31
Agency: DARE (Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Education
This project will build the DARE Network’s capacity to meet the addiction demands of refugees living in camps on the Thai/Burma border as well as prepare for refugees returning to Burma in the future. 1 intern will be trained to become a DARE Addiction Master Trainer inside Burma and a further 20 refugees will be trained for 6 months to become Addiction Workers within the camps to replace those that have resettled to third countries. 20 young people and their families will also received treatment for their addiction.

$20,000 of $20,000 raised
2013-02-01 ~ 2014-01-31
Agency: Lutheran World Federation
This project will restore and conserve the environment for returnees in villages and primary schools in Kitgum and Lamwo districts in Uganda. Fifty households and four primary schools will be supported to establish and manage wood lots, orchards and vegetable gardens. The project will also empower the local community to set up sound environmental conservation practices, improved practices in modern farming, as well as identifying opportunities for income generation to improve their livelihoods.

$15,861 of $15,861 raised

2012-11-26 ~ 2012-11-26
Agency: Karenni Further Studies Program

This project will enable 63 refugees, aged 16 -21, to attend the Karenni Further Studies Program (KnFSP) for a year, in Karenni Camp 2 on the Thai/Burma border. The program provides a supportive learning environment where the young refugees can gain essential knowledge and skills for their future. The students will learn subjects such as English, Maths, Science and Social Studies, as well as other subjects like Leadership and Management to build their capacity to take on leadership roles within the community after graduation. 

$25,000 of $25,000 raised

2012-06-15 ~ 2013-06-14
Agency: Mercy Corps

This project will provide 240 Syrian refugee children in Jordan with uniforms and books so that they can attend school. $25 will buy one school uniform, and $45 will buy books for mathematics, history, physics, chemistry, Arabic language and literature, English language and Islamic studies. 60 children from the host community will also receive support to foster good relations with the refugee community. 

$39,448 of $39,448 raised

2012-06-10 ~ 2013-06-09
Agency: O.G.A for Aid

This project will purchase essential farming equipment and create a website and marketable brand for the Green Farmers’ Association (GFA) in Minami Sanriku. The GFA is revitalising the agricultural industry by turning fallow land into viable farmland. This will help the local community by providing cheap, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as creating opportunities for employment. 

$18,785 of $18,785 raised

2012-06-10 ~ 2013-06-09
Agency: Onagawa Chamber of Commerce

This project will set up a website for the recently built Chime of Hope Shopping Centre in Onagawa, Tohoku. This temporary centre, housing 50 shops, 3 banks, a post office and a police box, provides a crucial opportunity for Onagawa to boost its economy and support the remaining survivors in their hope for a full recovery. We are providing funds to create a website to help publicise the Centre and encourage visitors to give a much needed stimulus to the local economy.