Funded Projects

$19,560 of $19,560 raised

2012-06-09 ~ 2013-06-07
Agency: M-Proj

This project will support 200 returnee families from Morungatuny Camp, Northern Uganda to rebuild their lives and resettle in their ancestral homes. Families will receive resettlement kits that include kitchen items, tools, seeds, mosquito nets and water sanitizers. Returnees can then begin to rebuild their lives and re-establish their businesses to settle into life. 

$18,469 of $18,469 raised

2012-06-03 ~ 2013-06-02
Agency: Social Development Centre

This project will provide 30 people on the Thai/Burma border with a 10 month training course covering subjects such as social change, human rights, environment and law. The school program is varied including classroom teaching, group work, field trips, discussions, presentations, reporting and assessments. After finishing the training course, graduates will be expected to become mobile trainers and spread their new knowledge and skills into borderline areas and inside Karenni state in Burma. 

$23,197 of $23,197 raised
2012-05-31 ~ 2013-05-31
Agency: Together for Sudan
This project will initiate, organize and support 20 literacy classes for internally displaced women in the areas surrounding Khartoum, Sudan. The teachers will set up classes in their own neighbourhood, directly reaching 400 displaced women with literacy skills that are key to finding work. These classes will empower the women, enabling them to find work more easily and generate a source of income for their family. It will also aid them in community rebuilding as this often falls on the women in displaced communities.

$18,426 of $18,426 raised
2012-02-01 ~ 2013-01-30
Agency: Bienvenu Shelter
This project will provide 62 refugee women with useful skills and basic business knowledge that will enable them to find jobs or start small businesses in Johannesburg, South Africa. In conjunction, safe and secure childcare facilities are provided for approximately 30 children so that the women are able to fully engage with the educational programmes, while their children are cared for.

$19,378 of $19,378 raised

2012-02-01 ~ 2013-02-01
Agency: Karen Women’s Organisation

This project’s first outcome will be providing 200 basic baby hygiene kits and basic health information to new mothers in Ee Htu Hta camp, Burma/Thai border to improve the health and hygiene of Karen refugee mothers and babies. The distribution of these kits gives essential, practical support to new mothers, as well as providing basic health information to help them care for themselves and their baby. The second outcome will be improving the health and well being of 174 elderly people also in Ee Htu Hta Camp through the provision of nutritional foods.

$20,000 of $20,000 raised

2011-10-15 ~ 2012-10-15
Agency: Isatomae Shotengai

This project will support the set up costs of a tented shopping area for the community in the tsunami affected Utatsu cho in Minami Sanriku. The project will provide the tented market with essential water supplies, electricity supply, hand-wash facilities etc, so that shops can open and trading can start. Start up funds will also be given to five traders to open the fishmongers, grocery shop, clothing and sports goods shop, barbers and general clothing store.

$13,494 of $13,494 raised
2011-07-01 ~ 2012-06-30
Agency: Karenni Further Studies Program
This project will enable 58 refugees, aged 16–21, to attend the Karenni Further Studies Program (KnFSP) for a year, in Karenni Camp 2 on the Thai/Burma border. The students will receive formal education in English, Maths, Science, Computer Operations and Social Studies, as well as other subjects like Leadership and Management to build their capacity to take up future leadership and managerial roles.

$25,000 of $25,000 raised

2011-07-01 ~ 2012-06-30
Agency: Mercy Corps

This project will provide support for 56 young returnees, both male and female, to implement and manage their own micro-business in Twic County, South Sudan. The project will empower returnees to create a sustainable source of income for their families and improve the social and economic development of their local community, reaching a further 336 people indirectly.

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2011-06-30 ~ 2012-04-30
Agency: Social Development Center

This project will provide a ten month training course for 30 young Karenni refugees residing in Karenni Refugee Camp 1 in Mae Hong Son province, Thailand. This project will educate young Karenni refugees about topics including the law, human rights and the environment. 

$25,000 of $25,000 raised

2011-06-30 ~ 2012-06-29
Agency: Christian Blind Mission

This project will conduct eye care outreach missions in refugee camps in Chad. Christian Blind Mission (CBM), together with local partners, has been conducting these missions to refugees, internally displaced persons (IDP) and local communities in Chad since 2007. The CBM team will provide treatment, medication, and surgery.