DARE for ALL Family Project Development

$25,000 of $25,000 raised

2008-07-01 ~ 2009-06-30
Agency: DARE – Drug and Alcohol Recovery and Education


For the last 3 years Refugee Empowerment International has worked in partnership with DARE Network to help build community programming for families ensnared in the cycle of addiction in the refugee camps on the Thai/Burma border. Over this time there has been reductions in domestic violence, increase in treatment of women and youth, and growing ownership by the communities of their roles in substance abuse prevention and recovery.

Goal of 2008-09 Proposal: To free refugee families from addiction and violence
1. Increase motivation in teenagers and children to stay away from alcohol and drugs
2. To make alcohol and drug prevention accessible and fun
3. To help addicted young people recover
4. To create young role models for children and parents

In 2008-09, DARE will focus directly on young people and children as a way to prevent potentially dangerous levels of violence among youths and towards girls and children, as a result of substance abuse. To this end they will strengthen the Teens for Kids program and empower these young people to be role models with their peers, make it “cool” to be drug-free, and help them influence their own families toward healthier choices.

By making the Teens program even more visible in the camps they seek to ensure support from all levels of camp society and organization. As well, DARE will offer treatment to young people using a reversal of their new DAY program by allowing the teens to go to school in the daytime and receive treatment and support in our DARE Centres at night, thus giving them respite from their often violent homes and improving their self-esteem through success at school and recovery from alcohol and drugs.

Activities planned for the 5 KAREN camps of Mae Ra Moe, Mae La Oon, Mae La, Umpiem and Noe Poe include traditional music on modern instruments; puppet shows for solvent abuse;sharing the solvent abuse and other substance Abuse experience; Ultimate Frisbee; and addiction treatment for young people.


Puppet Shows were run by DARE trainers and DARE camp staff reaching 33,000 young people in 5 refugee camps.. The puppet shows were based on a comic book made by DARE staff and artists about the abuse of solvents. Shows were produced in the 5 camps and taken around from section to section by the Teens for Kids DARE Teams. The Teens for Kids DARE Teams in all the camps continued to take their knowledge into classrooms in junior schools, middle schools and high schools on a monthly basis, cooperating with teachers and the Karen Education Department.

DARE worked with volunteers from a Bangkok Ultimate Frisbee Team to train DARE’s Teen Teams in how to play Frisbee in a formal way. Ultimate Frisbee has become very popular and it continues to reach its purpose of offering an alternative to alcohol and drugs that promotes good health, harmony, constructive conflict resolution and equality between genders.
74 young people also received a treatment cycle for their addiction.

Case study

DARE participant at Umpieum Camp

“During treatment I got acudetox and addiction education; I was given traditional medicine, sauna and food. When I returned home I had no problems to face. I think even if I did I could manage because of my new strength. The message that I want to share is that everyone who is addicted should go to a treatment centre for their addiction treatment and stay free from drugs/alcohol.”