Human Rights and Law Training (2009)

$10,000 of $10,000 raised

2009-05-30 ~ 2010-05-29
Agency: Social Development Centre
339,000 baht (ca. $10,000)

The goal of the Social Development Center is to distribute knowledge and skills in Human Rights, Environment and Law, on the Thai-Burma Border.

Over the last ten years, over twenty-two thousand Karenni people have become relocated as refugees in Thailand.   With the assistance of Refugee International Japan the Social Development Center Training School has, over the last five years, graduated approximately 100 human rights and environment activists.  Many of these graduates have become involved in community base organizations involving women and youths as well as those relating to the advancement of justice and other human rights and environment endeavors.

Others have returned inside the Karenni State for the purpose of gathering and reporting information related to human rights and environment abuses. The graduates of the training provided by SDC have positively affected the Karenni community and it is believed that some of them will become future leaders of democratic change.

The 2009 project will train 25 individuals interested in non-violence social change, the environment and law, people in a 10 month program.  Upon completion of this training it is expected that at least 17 individuals will become mobile trainers and spread their knowledge into the Thai/Burma border region and into the Karenni state.


 During the program, the classes were held for 36 students on Human Rights, Environment, Rule of Law, Social Studies, Computer Skills and General English. Teaching was based on a comprehensive curriculum, including small group discussions, presentations, case studies and game activities in class.

The SDC provided a field-work session in October 2009. The staff and teachers provided research topics for the participants, relating to the issues of Human Rights, Environment and Rule of Law. The participants had one month for field-work sessions, three weeks of field-work to interview and research, a week to prepare a research paper and submit report and finally a week for presentations. In addition the SDC regularly welcomed guest teachers from the Legal Assistance Center based in the camp and staffed by the International Rescue Committee (IRC).


Case study

 Khu Klaw Reh was suspected by the Burmese government after returning from his boarding school and he was sent down to Prison for a week. After escaping from there and arriving to Karenni Refugee Camp #1, he continued study and became a teacher for two years. Realizing he wanted to study more, however, he applied for SDC program. He believes that what he learned at SDC are things he never learned and would be very beneficial for his life in ways of treating different matters and so on.


“I learned a lot there and it made me a more qualified teacher. I did not have any experience about Human Rights, Environment, Democracy and Rule of Law, but now I understand these subjects.” (Khu Klaw Reh)