Social Development Center Training – Thailand (2008)

$9,920 of $9,920 raised

2008-05-01 ~ 2009-04-30
Agency: Social Development Centre


The goal of the Social Development Center Training project is to distribute knowledge and skills in Human Rights, Environment and Law, on the Thai-Burma Border.

The Social Development Center was developed and is staffed by four Karenni graduates from the EarthRights International School with funds from the alumni program funded by Refugee Empowerment International to encourage victims of human rights’ abuses to build a new society that values human dignity and the environment.

SDC has successfully run five training courses covering non-violent social change, law and environment, from 2003-2007. Many graduates are now working in local community-based organization such as the Karenni Justice Department, Youth and Women organizations, Security Department and other Karenni NGOs.   Training is provided equally to men and women of various ethnic backgrounds. SDC also has mobile teams to spread this knowledge beyond the local community.

The object of this 2008 project is to conduct a ten-month long first year training course and a six-month second year course. Upon completion it is expected that at least 20 people among the 35 graduates will become mobile trainers who will spread their knowledge into the Thai/Burma border area and inside the Karenni state.


20 students, out of 74 applicants, were selected under the qualification and criteria set. Students lived in boarding school in order to improve their concentration and interest in the subjects taught. By living in boarding school, students were able to learn through clarification with teachers and discussion among students.

Students learned basic human rights, environment, basic law and rule of law, federal system, women rights and information gathering. The students had their field trip experiment in the first week of October in the two Karenni refugees’ camps. Eight students went to camp#2 and HwayPuket (Kayan) village and twelve students to camp#1 to observe and gather actual information related to human rights, environment and law.