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$6,800 of $6,800 raised

2016-10-01 ~ 2017-03-31
Agency: Karenni Social Development Centre

The Karenni Social Development Center (SDC), based on the Thai/Burma border, will trial a microfinance project that will help the organization generate a small income, and enable the students to learn valuable vocational skills. The SDC will set up a small café and snack shop, built by SDC staff and external labourers and ran by students, where members of the Karenni Refugee Camp #1 community will be able to eat traditional Karenni food.

$15,000 of $15,000 raised

2015-04-31 ~ 2016-03-31
Agency: Karen Women’s Organisation (KWO)

The project will provide Baby Kits to 200 mothers in Ee Htu Hta IDP camp in Burma, thus improving the health and hygiene of the mothers and their newborn babies. The programme will also provide health education and management, and health capacity building training for KWO District and Township level Executive Committees.

$9,920 of $9,920 raised

2008-05-01 ~ 2009-04-30
Agency: Social Development Centre


The goal of the Social Development Center Training project is to distribute knowledge and skills in Human Rights, Environment and Law, on the Thai-Burma Border.

The Social Development Center was developed and is staffed by four Karenni graduates from the EarthRights International School with funds from the alumni program funded by Refugee Empowerment International to encourage victims of human rights’ abuses to build a new society that values human dignity and the environment.