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This project provides baby kits to new mothers in five villages within Karen state Myanmar, including Ee Htu Hta IDP camp.
Each baby kit includes laundry soap, body soap, baby wraps, clippers and an important health message that provides valuable information to women who may otherwise not know how to care for themselves or their babies after birth. The health message is crucial for new mothers, as it addresses the problem of infant and maternal mortality by educating them and allowing them to interact with others through the community health workers, who distribute the kits. Many mothers are also illiterate so the workers can give the information in person.

Few everyday items that many take for granted are absent in the displaced communities in Myanmar. Even basic hygiene items like soap are an amenity unavailable to many displaced individuals, especially mothers and newborn babies.

$20,000 of $20,000 raised
2014-05-07 ~ 2015-05-06
Agency: DARE
This project will provide community training manuals on drug addiction prevention and support to members of the refugee communities living on the Thai-Burma border and to people displaced ultimately within the country of Burma, also known as Myanmar, itself. The manuals are an update to DARE’s previous manuals, now over 10 years old, which have been prepared and taught by members of the local refugee community. The previous set of manuals and the DARE program have proven successful in helping to combat the addiction crisis which has overtaken many of the displaced communities throughout Burma and South East Asia. These updated manuals are essential to DARE’s vision of expanding its reach and providing more sensitive treatment and education threatened by addiction.

$25,000 of $25,000 raised

2011-06-30 ~ 2012-06-29
Agency: Christian Blind Mission

This project will conduct eye care outreach missions in refugee camps in Chad. Christian Blind Mission (CBM), together with local partners, has been conducting these missions to refugees, internally displaced persons (IDP) and local communities in Chad since 2007. The CBM team will provide treatment, medication, and surgery. 

$10,000 of $10,000 raised

2010-06-01 ~ 2011-05-30
Agency: Social Development Center

The Social Development Center will again conduct a ten-month training course in 2010-2011. The goal is to develop and share knowledge and skills regarding human rights, environment, and law among the Karenni people. Subjects covered will include human rights, children’s rights, refugees’ rights, and women’s rights.

$6,000 of $6,000 raised

2010-01-01 ~ 2010-03-30
Agency: Karenni Further Studies Program

Education in the Karenni Camps refugee camps in Thailand is limited and basic. Currently educational assistance to Karenni refugees from early childhood development to high school education is primarily supported by international non-governmental organizations and individuals and there are very few educational opportunities beyond 10th grade. There are currently only 5 post-10th grade education programs available to the Karenni and these are largely confined in Karenni Camp.

$25,000 of $25,000 raised

2008-06-04 ~ 2009-06-04
Agency: Together for Sudan

Having been engulfed in internal conflict for more than three years now, the community area of El Fasher in which Together for Sudan seeks to set up women’s literacy classes is an impoverished community of not less than 200,000 people. This project is will provide 350 women from El Fasher with the skills of reading and writing. To provide this education Together for Sudan will establish 14 literacy classes and pay the incentives of the 14 teachers on a monthly basis for nine months every year. The 14 literacy classes will be a means of extending educational services to the destitute women of Darfur so that they will be able to respond positively to rapidly changing living conditions.