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$20,000 of $20,000 raised

2013-10-01 ~ 2014-03-28
Agency: Popular Aid for Relief and Development (PARD)
US $20,000

This project will enhance the living conditions of 370 Syrian and Palestinian families who have been displaced as a result of the ongoing Syrian conflict. Each family will receive a kit containing vital sanitary and hygiene materials that are often lacking in their gatherings, or informal settlements, in Lebanon. Additionally, project assistants will conduct regular health education sessions for around 600 women to help ensure a clean and safe living environment while these families adjust to new conditions.

$25,000 of $25,000 raised

2010-02-28 ~ 2011-02-20
Agency: Concern Universal

Training in empowerment and individual rights will be provided to the displaced persons within the communities of Álamos and Dos de Juni, Colombia. These activities are designed to make them aware of their fundamental rights to health, education, water, sanitation, and income generation. With this training, individuals will be equipped with the ability and knowledge to claim these rights through the correct legal mechanisms.

$25,000 of $25,000 raised

2008-11-01 ~ 2009-10-30
Agency: Together for Sudan

This is the fourth year of funding from REI for this project. During the previous year the project conducted outreaches in twenty neighborhoods and IDPs settlements in Khartoum area and one week outreach in Kadugli hospital in the Nuba Mountains.The activities of the project team included eye examinations; treatment for glaucoma and other eye conditions; provision of glasses; and surgery for cataract, squint, ingrown eyelashes (trachoma) and eye tumor. During the previous year of funding over 3400 people were treated in outreaches, 690 eye surgeries were carried out, and over 2500 people received either glasses or medications.