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What the project does
The Prevention, Education and Training program addresses the problem of addiction in five camps on the Thai-Myanmar border, by providing treatment cycles for addicts, prevention education to schools and communities and by training addiction workers.
The treatment cycle is a 90-day residential program consisting of detoxification, recovery, relapse prevention and reintegration. The treatment is culturally appropriate and uses natural methods: acupuncture, local herbs, yoga and water immersion.

The network success rate of over 60% is high and largely due to the social reintegration aspect of the program that ensures respect for those recovering as well as the natural methods employed.

Community prevention education reaches beyond those addicted to their families, friends and neighbors. The work reaches thousands of people in camps on the Thai-Myanmar border and inside Myanmar. Young people work with their peers in schools and through events such as frisbee matches or musical events. Posters and flyers are used to disseminate information about various substance abuse issues.