$20,000 of $20,000 raised
2013-02-01 ~ 2014-01-31
Agency: Lutheran World Federation
This project will restore and conserve the environment for returnees in villages and primary schools in Kitgum and Lamwo districts in Uganda. Fifty households and four primary schools will be supported to establish and manage wood lots, orchards and vegetable gardens. The project will also empower the local community to set up sound environmental conservation practices, improved practices in modern farming, as well as identifying opportunities for income generation to improve their livelihoods.

$18,479 of $18,479 raised

2010-11-01 ~ 2011-10-30
Agency: Karen Women’s Organisation (KWO)

This project has two aims, the first being to improve the health and hygiene of Karen refugee mothers and babies, providing 300 basic baby hygiene kits to new mothers in Ee Htu Hta camp, Burma/Thai border, as well as providing basic education information about maternal and newborn health.