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$23,197 of $23,197 raised
2012-05-31 ~ 2013-05-31
Agency: Together for Sudan
This project will initiate, organize and support 20 literacy classes for internally displaced women in the areas surrounding Khartoum, Sudan. The teachers will set up classes in their own neighbourhood, directly reaching 400 displaced women with literacy skills that are key to finding work. These classes will empower the women, enabling them to find work more easily and generate a source of income for their family. It will also aid them in community rebuilding as this often falls on the women in displaced communities.

$25,000 of $25,000 raised

2008-11-01 ~ 2009-10-30
Agency: Together for Sudan

This is the fourth year of funding from REI for this project. During the previous year the project conducted outreaches in twenty neighborhoods and IDPs settlements in Khartoum area and one week outreach in Kadugli hospital in the Nuba Mountains.The activities of the project team included eye examinations; treatment for glaucoma and other eye conditions; provision of glasses; and surgery for cataract, squint, ingrown eyelashes (trachoma) and eye tumor. During the previous year of funding over 3400 people were treated in outreaches, 690 eye surgeries were carried out, and over 2500 people received either glasses or medications.