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What the project does

The kindergarten provides for 100 students in Wadi Zayne in the south of Lebanon. The school provides the children with an important education while also addressing their psycho-social needs.

The curriculum focuses on education and psychosocial activities for 4 to 6-year-olds. They learn numbers, play team games and do art work amongst other activities. The team games are particularly important for children who have either experienced trauma or live with insecurity because they encourage teamwork, self-discipline, trust and sharing.

On top of this, the teachers for the school are from the refugee community as many had worked in education before. The kindergarten provides them with a livelihood and a rare opportunity to use their professional skills.
The teachers are incredibly resourceful and often use simple materials such as paper cups and plates, objects we tend to take for granted, to make animals, sea creatures and even snowmen!

$20,000 of $20,000 raised

2014-07-07 ~ 2014-10-07
Agency: Popular Aid for Relief and Development (PARD)

This project will enhance the living conditions of 400 refugee families from Syria by providing them with hygiene kits and health education, each of which are essential resources for adapting to their new conditions after having fled to Lebanon. The hygiene kits, which contain essential sanitation and health items, serve as the primary health care for these families. As the crisis in Syria is severe and ongoing, the kits will be purchased and distributed as quickly as possible. The benefits will be both immediate, allowing the families to handle immediate health problems and easing pressure on their hosts, as well as long-term, ensuring disease preventions and proper child development.

$25,000 of $25,000 raised

2008-11-01 ~ 2009-10-30
Agency: Together for Sudan

This is the fourth year of funding from REI for this project. During the previous year the project conducted outreaches in twenty neighborhoods and IDPs settlements in Khartoum area and one week outreach in Kadugli hospital in the Nuba Mountains.The activities of the project team included eye examinations; treatment for glaucoma and other eye conditions; provision of glasses; and surgery for cataract, squint, ingrown eyelashes (trachoma) and eye tumor. During the previous year of funding over 3400 people were treated in outreaches, 690 eye surgeries were carried out, and over 2500 people received either glasses or medications.