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What the project does
The Refugee Engagement and Empowerment Programme (REEP) provides training and support to assist young refugees living in the city of Nairobi to settle into their host community as well as empower them to be able to support themselves financially.

The REEP programme conducts literacy and numeracy classes covering basic arithmetic, Swahili and English as well as training in skills needed for personal, social and career-related success. The programme includes vocational skills training, job placements, apprenticeships, enterprise skills development to offer employment and more informal learning opportunities for the young refugees.
Youth leaders are identified in each community and they then mobilise other youth to sign up for the programme. These role models are able to identify relevant skills development training opportunities.

The programme works with local centres to provide training and legal support to refugees. Professionals from the host community assist integration through classes in English and Swahili and with legal aid advice for protection because refugees are subject to intimidation and exploitation by the authorities.

$21,600 of $22,000 raised

Agency: Caritas Nairobi

This programme will work with 200 young, urban refugees to help them settle in their host community in Nairobi, as well as empower them to be able to support themselves financially. Through the Young Refugees Empowerment Programme (YREP), refugees will be provided with basic literacy training, legal aid clinics, education and life skills training and opportunities for work.