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$2,140 of $2,140 raised

2010-08-01 ~ 2011-01-20
Agency: Earthrights International

Refugee Empowerment International has funded EarthRights International alumni small projects with great success for a number of years. The ERS Alumni programme was established to assist its graduates in pursuing opportunities to build a strong and independent base in preparation for return to Burma is the focus of this funding support request.

$25,000 of $25,000 raised

2008-07-01 ~ 2009-06-30
Agency: Austcare

Through repeated violence in Timor Leste since April 2006, the communities have been displaced, traumatized and rendered homeless. The internecine nature of the conflict has fractured the social fabric creating mistrust amongst each other. Austcare intends to work with three villages in Dili creating opportunities for community interactive peace building specifically targeting youth and women. Together with community groups, Austcare will build “Neighbourhood Corners” which are spaces for community interaction.