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$21,600 of $22,000 raised

Agency: Caritas Nairobi

This programme will work with 200 young, urban refugees to help them settle in their host community in Nairobi, as well as empower them to be able to support themselves financially. Through the Young Refugees Empowerment Programme (YREP), refugees will be provided with basic literacy training, legal aid clinics, education and life skills training and opportunities for work.

$25,000 of $25,000 raised
2008-04-01 ~ 2009-03-30
Agency: Rachele Comprehensive Secondary School Lira

Rachele Comprehensive Secondary School (RCSS) is based in Lira District one of the towns in northern Uganda. RCSS is a fully registered formal secondary school that was established in February 2006 with a total of over 260 students most of whom are Formerly Abducted Children (FAC). Currently there are 366 students (253 boys and 113 girls) of whom 140 are former child soldiers.