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$25,000 of $25,000 raised

2010-07-01 ~ 2011-06-30
Agency: Jesuit Refugee Service

Assistance with home-based health care will be provided to 100 chronically ill asylum seekers in South Africa. An additional 700 asylum seekers will be assisted with seeking adequate health care through advocacy for fee exemption and the provision of consultation fees and money for medicines where required. The primary focus of this project is the newly arrived and those who are not able to support themselves or their children due to illness and disability.

$8,600 of $8,600 raised

2010-01-01 ~ 2010-12-30
Agency: Bienvenu Shelter

Refugees arriving in South Africa find themselves in legal limbo for years, without the right to seek formal employment and lacking the documents that give them access to social and health services, education and to open bank accounts.  As the refugees are confronted with great difficulties in finding work they have more problems in providing for the family, leading to a situation of extreme poverty and social exclusion.  Many women arriving in South Africa with their children find that access to the formal job market is mostly denied with their Asylum Seeker documents.  Finding other jobs is very difficult and scarce.  Jobs that are found often pay very badly and cannot sustain a family.

$10,000 of $10,000 raised

2008-06-04 ~ 2009-06-04
Agency: Bienvenu Shelter

The Bienvenu Shelter was established in 2001 in a suburb of Johannesburg as a refuge for women and children refugees. The shelter provides accommodation and nutrition support while providing them with skills to prepare them for eventual return to their countries. The Shelter runs a crèche for residents’ children and children from the community. This gives the children an opportunity to integrate in the community and allows the mothers time to attend training classes and to search for work. The training classes include sewing and bead work and computer literacy.