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$39,448 of $39,448 raised

2012-06-10 ~ 2013-06-09
Agency: O.G.A for Aid

This project will purchase essential farming equipment and create a website and marketable brand for the Green Farmers’ Association (GFA) in Minami Sanriku. The GFA is revitalising the agricultural industry by turning fallow land into viable farmland. This will help the local community by providing cheap, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as creating opportunities for employment. 

$20,000 of $20,000 raised

2011-10-15 ~ 2012-10-15
Agency: Isatomae Shotengai

This project will support the set up costs of a tented shopping area for the community in the tsunami affected Utatsu cho in Minami Sanriku. The project will provide the tented market with essential water supplies, electricity supply, hand-wash facilities etc, so that shops can open and trading can start. Start up funds will also be given to five traders to open the fishmongers, grocery shop, clothing and sports goods shop, barbers and general clothing store.