Great Beer Bluff

Event Date
November 26, 2022
Event Venue
Schmatz Ginza Shochiku

A fun and relaxed beer tasting event with a difference.
The Great Beer Bluff will be held on 26 November 2022.

Join us for a beer tasting event with a difference.

You will get to taste a number of beers and each one is paired with three different stories from our esteemed panel.

Now only one of these is for real.

In your teams you pit your palates and lie detection abilities against the panel to determine the truth, thus uncovering the bluffs and the buffs.

Minimum donation of ¥8,000 includes welcome drink, buffet dinner and the beer!

Schmatz Ginza Shochiku, 1-13-1 Tsukiji, Chuo ku, Tokyo 104-8422

Saturday 26 November 2022
19.00 – 22.30