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Refugee Empowerment International

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Monthly donations make a lasting impact

Refugee Empowerment International

...providing an end to dependence

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Monthly donations make a lasting impact

Invest in human potential through REI

REI funds provide opportunities for displaced communities to rebuild and regain independence. For long-term impact, it is essential that the strength comes from within the communities.
Stable communities will be better placed to resist future incursions.

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REI Lunch & Learn

May 14, 2024

Summer 2024 Nairobi Project Visit Report From June 24 to July 1, REI will visit the Refugee Engagement and Empowerment Project in Nairobi, Kenya.Upon our return, we will be offering the REI Lunch and Learn sessions to bring you the latest news from the field. Book us now for a 45-60min lunchtime session where your […]

Strength comes from within the community

February 24, 2024

The REI team visit in August 2023 to projects we support on the Thai-Myanmar border yet again introduced us to people who have been empowered through the project activities and now have a role in the community. The projects we support there have gone from strength to strength over the years and this energy comes […]

Restoring family unity

January 8, 2024

I was so happy to see this change in his life, and now we could build a new future together. The ripple of REI funding reaches well into the community, as the wife of a beneficiary in the addiction rehabilitation program explains below. Many refugees who have been living in camps for a long time turn to alcohol and drugs as a means to escape from the despair that they experience. 

Tax benefits for donating

May 8, 2024

You can donate to REI and get tax credits through a system called Furusato Nozei. Minato ku Furusato Nozei offers the option to donate to an organisation rather than receive a gift and you don’t have to live in Minato ku. When you donate to Minato ku Furusato Nozei select Refugee Empowerment International and 70% […]

REI succeeds with your support

Your donations are essential for REI to continue supporting refugees to build strong, independent communities. This can be interactive through activities that involve your friends, colleagues and fellows. These activities can be fun, educational, practical and experiential. Check the links below to learn about these or we would be delighted to hear your ideas and support your activities to fundraise for REI.

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REI hosts a variety of events in Tokyo and other areas in Japan throughout the year. We organize dinners, concerts, sporting events and children’s workshops. Please join us at one of our fundraising events and show your support.

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Projects Funding and Program Visits

Refugee Empowerment International provides funding to community-based groups supporting people as they rebuild their lives and work towards returning home and establishing peaceful communities. Projects funded are run by experienced groups in the refugee and internally displaced person (IDP) community. We ensure that support reaches groups swiftly and efficiently.

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If you think about it though, as I have, I think you will discover that the only thing that really touches us to our soul is the connection we feel to other people. To our families, friends, a poverty stricken child in Somalia, a 10 year old rape victim, a starving 85 year old man, skin and bones, with fire in his eyes. These are humans, just like us. You and me. We live and breath on the same planet. We are simply lucky. No more, no less, lucky.

—David Hewett, long-time donor and supporter of REI, when reflecting on philanthropy.