REI Virtual Cooking Challenge

Event Date
September 27, 2022
Event Venue
Online streaming

REI is cooking up another delicious challenge for you!
You have five ingredients to prepare your best dish. Are you up for the challenge?
To inspire yourself take a look at the video from the previous Cooking Challenge here.
Please note date to be confirmed.

The Virtual Cooking Challenge

Throughout the COVID pandemic we had to reinvent the way we work, go to school, socialize, and do many other things.

In this challenge, REI calls upon you to think outside the box and REInvent another activity – the way you cook! Participants must prepare a dish that will not be judged on taste, but on imaginativeness and resourcefulness. How creative can you get to win over the judges when they can’t actually try your dish?

All proceeds go to the projects we support – for refugees, by refugees. Let’s test our creativity and expand our limits while making a difference. Kindness is a dish best served warm!

The challenge

  • You will be given a box of five ingredients
  • Visualize your best dish from the given ingredients and bring it to life! You are only allowed to use salt, pepper, oil, and one canned item from your cupboard as optional additional ingredients.

Test your creativity – there will be awards for Presentation, 0 Waste, and Best Overall.

How to participate

  1. Fill in your information and make a contribution of ¥5,000 (¥1,000 covers cost and ¥4,000 is donation to REI) by date to be confirmed.
  2. We will send you a box with the ingredients required to cook your dish.
  3. Submit a picture of your cooked dish, the recipe, and a short description of your cooking inspiration. Deadline for submissions to be confirmed.

For additional fun

  • Compete for the most likes!
  • Post a picture of your completed dish on social media and use the hashtag