Bridging the Darien Gap

Event Date
April 23, 2023
Event Venue

Find out what refugees experience when they flee their homes in South America and may face the challenge of crossing the Darien Gap from Colombia to Panama.

The challenge began on 23 April and ends on 7 May. You can join anytime.

Registration is via the My Virtual Challenge website.

Each refugee is travelling a unique path and this is an opportunity for you to travel with them in solidarity.
You can follow the trail while just going about your day-to-day routines. You can walk, run, cycle or even swim or ski and track your progress by connecting your health app or fitbit to the Virtual Mission website. You will learn about the projects we fund as well as facts and anecdotes about the country you are ‘walking’ through from milestones that greet you en route and encourage you along your way.

The route will cover 105 kilometers.