The trail to Friendship Bridge

Event Date
Starting from 13 November
Event Venue

Virtual Walk from Hpa-An, main city of Karen state in Myanmar, to Friendship Bridge on the Thailand border.

Registration is now open at the My Mission site. To register go to:

You can follow the trail that many refugees take while just going about your day-to-day routines. You can walk, run, cycle or even swim and track your progress by connecting your health app or fitbit to the Mission website. You will learn about the projects we fund as well as facts and anecdotes about the country you are ‘walking’ through from milestones that greet you en route and encourage you along your way.

The route will cover 131 kilometers and run from 13 November to 1 December 2021.
We will open the Mission website from 1 November and invite you to register then. Registration can only be done through the Mission website.