The White Elephant Gift Exchange

Event Date
December 17, 2022
Event Venue
Temple University, 1-14-29 Taishido, Setagaya ku, Tokyo 154-0004

A White Elephant Gift Exchange is a popular party event where people vie to walk away with the best present.  

Join us on 17 December from 14.00 at Temple University, Parliament room, to compete for the best present while supporting the work of REI.

The basic rules are: 
1. Each player brings one wrapped gift to contribute to a common pool. The gift can be new or a used item in good condition. The new gift should not be more than ¥3,000.
2. Players throw the dice to determine what order they will go in 
3. Players sit in a circle or line where they can see the gift pile 
4. The first player selects a gift from the pool and opens it 
5. The following players can choose to either pick an unwrapped gift from the pool or steal a previous player’s gift. Anyone who gets their gift stolen in this way can do the same – choose a new gift or steal from someone else. 
6. After all players have had a turn, the first player gets a chance to swap the gift he or she is holding for any other opened gift. Anyone whose gift is stolen may steal from someone else (as long as that person hasn’t been stolen from yet). When someone declines to steal a gift, the game comes to an end. 

High school students wishing to register at special rate should contact us on: