The Great Beer Bluff

Great Beer Bluff

A fun and relaxed beer tasting event with a difference.
The Great Beer Bluff and a BruBQ auction.

This Beer Bluff will take place both in-person and online. The event will be based at the Hyappa Brews warehouse in Gamagori, Aichi and connecting with participants in all parts of Japan.

Participants will be provided with three beers, each containing a different secret ingredient. Our esteemed panel of three will each tell you what the secret ingredient is, but only one will reflect the truth, with the other two being complete bluffs.

You can pit their palates and lie detection abilities against the panel to uncover the truth!

Each participant will be provided with three beers, courtesy of Hyappa Brews. Three beers for the Bluff rounds plus three drinking beers. The beers will be delivered to online participants at their home address.
Of course, the perfect accompaniment to the beer are pies. All participants can order meat pies, pork pies or sausage rolls online from Swan and Lion at 25% discount. We’ll provide a coupon code when you register.

We will also be auctioning the Great Hyappa Brews BruBQ – a barbecue and brewing experience at the brewery in Gamagori.


Hyappa Brews, Gamagori and online


Sunday 16 May 2021

Your donation will make an impact on someone’s life
¥5,000 can cover the field study costs for 10 students learning about community rights and care of the environment in Myanmar
These students go on to work within their communities improving the lives of

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