Make a Donation to REI

Please fill the form below to make a donation through bank transfer or credit card.

Details required according to the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions:

Name of seller: Refugee Empowerment International (REI), a non-profit organization
General Operation Manager: Collins Simon John
Address: Win Aoyama 942, 2-2-15 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062, Japan
Business telephone number: Tel: 03-6403-3184
E-mail address of the business:
Fees other than the price of the product: N/A
Method of return/exchange: N/A (if a refund is required, it will be carried out according to the number of days of operation by the STRIPE system)
Time of delivery: As soon as the payment is received from STRIPE System, it will be recorded as a donation or revenue.
Payment method: credit card, bank transfer
Payment: Credit card payment: within 7 days after the application is submitted.
Selling price: As indicated on each application page