From Previous Interns

Upon joining REI, I quickly came to learn about the struggle of refugees and the displaced who have lost their homes and lives to conflict. The enthusiasm and passion of my CEO, Jane, inspired me (and many others) to raise awareness of refugee issues and do something about them. Be it by writing blogs or helping to run fundraisers, I was able to genuinely contribute to valuable projects in parts of the world I have never even been to. REI has put me on a path that I never could have hoped for otherwise. While I am certainly glad of the path I’ve been put on, I’m even happier that I learned so much with REI where I once knew so little. REI’s cause to give hope to refugees and the displaced is one that I will carry with me regardless of where I find myself in the future. To all those who are considering working with REI, I could not recommend it more highly. It is an opportunity to broaden your mind and your horizons. More importantly thought, REI provides you with a chance to give hope to those who need it most.

Will Mawhinney, Intern April 2013 to July 2014

My time at REI as an intern began in January 2015 and it was one of the most valuable and life-changing experiences. I owe a great number of thanks to REI as it taught me some things that university books cannot teach me and also had a profound effect on my career options. I believe that my experience at REI has been more priceless and irreplaceable than any books as it provided me with an insight of true hardships and the obstacles refugees face.

Maki Nesterov, Intern January to April 2015

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