Computer Skills Training and Mon Textbooks

January 30, 2007

Like many states within Burma, the Mon state has been struggling to establish their right to self-determination since 1948. A cease-fire was declared but many people are still deprived of their basic human rights. Since the ceasefire the Thai authorities have allowed the Mon National Education Committee to open an office in Sangkhlaburi in order to communicate with groups both inside and outside Burma.

For this project, REI funds enabled a school in the Mon State to purchase 2 new computers, and provided computer skills training for students of the Nyi Sar Camp aged 18-27. The budget also included the cost of printing five different history books and an Education journal – a total of 15,000 copies.
The Mon National Education Committee was responsible for 387 schools with a total of 1,019 teachers and about 60,000 students. The computer training took place in Nyi Sar camp and cover ed word processing, e-mail and internet, maintenance of computers, accounting programmes and programme installation.


As well as covering the training costs, 2 computers were purchased using REI funds to supplement the existing 2 computers. 20 trainees between the ages of 18 and 27 were selected from the students and staff of 387 schools in Mon State.

A total of 150 training hours were conducted for the students – roughly 6 hours a day, 6 days a week, for 1 month. This took place in the Nyi Sar Camp and covered word processing, e-mail and internet, maintenance of computers, accounting programs, and program installation.

Students not only gained computer skills valuable for work, but also gained skills in cooperating with others in the classroom and in the dormitory environment. Additionally, 5 history books and 15,000 copies of education journals were provided to ensure the continuation of Mon traditions. Following this project, students have gone to serve the community through teaching practical computer skills to others and distributing educational resources and information about global affairs.