Construction of Boy’s Dormitory – Lira District of Uganda

April 1, 2008

Rachele Comprehensive Secondary School (RCSS) is based in Lira District one of the towns in northern Uganda. RCSS is a fully registered formal secondary school that was established in February 2006 with a total of over 260 students most of whom are Formerly Abducted Children (FAC). Currently there are 366 students (253 boys and 113 girls) of whom 140 are former child soldiers. 

RCSS was conceived out of Rachele Rehabilitation Centre (RHC) founded and funded by Belgian government. When the project closed in December 2006 the ownership was transferred to Lira Diocese. The facilities were left and are now used by the school. A remaining challenge however is the requirement for a dormitory for the boys who are currently housed in areas designated as classrooms.  

The need for boy’s dormitory is great in the school since boy’s population is greater than the girls. This imbalance is a result of the high interest shown by formerly abducted boys in formal education and the fact that many girls returned with children born in captivity. As a result of the absence of suitable childcare, the need support to their children out weighs their own educational needs.   Boarding school for boys gives teachers more opportunity to instil discipline in them and the values expected in society. As well, in school they are sure of meals and protection. Additionally the construction of a dormitory will free up needed classroom space for the improved education of all.

This project is being funded through REI by a private donor who wishes to support a standalone project. The funding board fully supports the aim of this project and is providing this précis for your information.


Despite some troubles along the way, the dormitory was almost completed at the last report. The school will give a better chance of education to the children affected by the rebellion and unrest in the area.