Micro-Credit Support for Returnees and Displaced Families in the DRC

June 1, 2008

This project is in support of families returning to the Uvira and Fizi territories of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. (DRC). These generally poor people have returned to find their homes and lands destroyed or occupied. In addition they have limited access to clean water and ordinary medicines and are forced to live on less than 50 cents ($.5) US per day.

This lack of resources means that they cannot send their children to school nor purchase the medicines required to treat the various diseases affecting them the population including HIV-AIDS and various hemorrhagic fevers.

As a small step this projects aims to address the poverty issues of 200 families of returnees (100 in Fizi and 100 in Uvira), through a combination of education and provision of micro-credits to support the development of small family run fishing and farming businesses. This support will help these families:

  • Address malnutrition,
  • Education of their children and
  • Access to common medicines against malaria, diarrheic diseases and HIV-AIDS treatment