School Support Project in Ombasi, Yei Country, Southern Sudan

June 5, 2007

After 20 years of civil war, the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in January 2005 between the Sudanese government and southern rebel groups provided an opportunity for displaced persons and refugees to return home or resettle in south Sudan.

This project provided educational support to children living in Ombasi, Yei County, S Sudan.

Project Outline

This project supported the provision of basic infrastructures such as the rehabilitation of classrooms and offices; it also provided orphaned children with educational opportunities through active community participation. The community and parents played a significant role in school management, and in creating a gender sensitive school environment.


The school in Ombasi in Yei County provided for 743 returnee pupils (340 girls, 430 boys) with 10 teachers. 40 benches and 40 desks were delivered to the Ombasi community-based school, 200 students were provided with school uniforms, 850 children received necessary stationary, and around 16000 bricks were used to build an additional 3 classrooms.

Although commencement was delayed due to heavy rains, high community participation allowed the construction to be completed on time. Local involvement enabled many to appreciate the value of a safe and stable educational environment, and locally sourced materials empowered the local economy.

Suzan Sunday Isaac, a pupil of Class 4 age 14 was excited to study in a better classroom and said “I will no longer use one exercise book for writing more than one subject.”