Women’s Capacity Development Programme, Mae Hong Son, Thailand

June 1, 2007

Young women living in refugee camps lack mobility, their needs are not recognized and educational opportunities are very limited. This training programme targeted young women and female heads of households.

The young women were brought up in refugee camps and became dependent on aid, becoming passive and demoralized. This training addressed these problems by encouraging critical thinking and negotiation skills.

In addition to the training course, there were eight community outreach education and training sessions benefiting 300 women. In many families the women are primary care givers and play a key role in conflict resolution – both in the family and the community. The programme operated a safe house where victims of domestic violence can find shelter and receive counseling.

The REI team visited the Women’s Study Programme in February 2007 and spent a day with the students. We were able to interact with the students and learn about their concerns and hopes. It was inspiring to see the how the participants were really trying to improve their prospects.


The project team completed another successful year working with marginalized women in refugee camps in Thailand. Five workshops sessions were conducted on reproductive health, violence against women and peace education. These workshops were attended by approximately 55 teachers, students and KNOW leaders. Additionally, 455 women and men participated in a series of community education outreach.

45 students graduated from the Womens Study Program (WSP) and several of them went on to work with community outreach in various organizations. Workshops were held to inform about the admission for the next school year. Teachers training was also held to upgrade teaching methods and skills.

Around 30 women and children escaping domestic violence were assisted at the safe house.