The Great Bluff events

April 1, 2019

Reveal the bluffs, uncover the truth!

Have you ever heard of REI’s Great Bluffs?

By challenging your tastebuds and your ability to uncover the truth, attendees can enjoy a fun and relaxed alcohol tasting event.

The concept is simple:

Guests taste our selection of beers, wines, or whiskeys, each one paired with three different stories from our esteemed panel who will try to either bluff you or tell you the truth.

In teams, find out about the true content of your beverage, the secret ingredient in your beer or even the cost of a bottle of wine.

The winners are awarded with some special prizes. To mention a few, previous prizes include vouchers for pubs and restaurants or Barbecue Party in the great prefecture of Aichi. We already hosted our Great Bluffs in Shibuya, Roppongi and even online!

What is better than enjoying a fun evening while supporting a great cause?

Past sponsors include Hyappa Brews, Brewdog, Beer Cats, Chandon and Orca

Stay tuned for the next REI Great Bluff and another tasty mix of lies and truth. We look forward to seeing you there.