A Taste of Turkey

December 20, 2021

REI hosted an online adventure into food traditions and shared culture with Chef Musa Dağdeviren in Turkey. Chef Musa is a world-renowned chef. His vision of a borderless food culture uniting humanity throughout its civilization was at the core of the event.

REImagining RIJ

June 23, 2021

in the last year, we changed our name to Refugee Empowerment International (REI). Aname that allows us to be more inclusive in our message and the name is the message!

Corporate Partnerships

April 14, 2021

We are proud of the various corporate partners we collaborate with. Like many organisations we believe in sustainability and this does not just apply to the projects we support abut also when starting new partnerships with companies.

Meeting online

April 13, 2021

Since the covid pandemic started one year ago, like many other workplaces REI staff as well had to shift their working activities from the office to the living room.

Expand your skill set

April 11, 2021

We are looking for a part-time volunteer to work with the Management team, building on our long-term strategy.It is an opportunity to get experience in NPO management as well as how to ensure effective funding to sustainable refugee projects.

Building a Global Network

July 20, 2020

REI has an extensive alumni network of volunteers, interns and supporters around the world.

Become a Sponsor

July 17, 2020

We can create unique programs for companies to sponsor REI. The projects funded by REI meet several of the SDGs securing a better future for all.

Favourite Recipes

April 1, 2019

We invited beneficiaries in the projects funded by REI to send in their favourite recipes and the memories they have of the dishes.

Panasonic Grant

April 1, 2019

REI is honoured to have been chosen as a recipient of the Panasonic NPO/NGO Support fund for SDGs.