Inspiration from the students of HEART Club at K International School

December 15, 2021


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HEART, Help Empower and Assist Refugees Today, is a club established by students from K International School in Tokyo to raise awareness of refugee issues.  

To support refugees, students in the HEART Club have been attracting donations, sharing information with fellow students and producing manga that illustrate personal stories of refugees for REI. The inspiration and energy of students in the HEART Club comes from learning and understanding about the Arab Spring revolution that changed the lives of refugees and their children in Syria. Syria has experienced civil war since 2011 that led to a lack of access to shelters and food for people. As a result, more than 5 million refugees fled Syria and they live in refugee camps in various countries.  

The students in the HEART Club held their first charity event on November 23, 2021. At their Charity Stall they sold drinks and snack bags to the school community to raise funds for the refugees. Their amazing efforts, raised ¥188,375 in total, of which they donated ¥100,000 to REI.  

Their efforts not only help refugees financially, but also spread awareness of the refugee situation to their community. They have shown great enthusiasm for continuing their activities for empowerment and the future of the refugees.