Walk with REI!

March 20, 2023

The REI Walking Challenges are a great opportunity for everyone to “exercise for a purpose”.
Check out the upcoming Walking Challenge: Stride of Hope here.

Being ‘virtual’ it means participants can join online from different areas of the world by going about their regular exercise activities, simply connecting their phone to the event website. The activity involves participants travelling virtually along through a pre-set path in a country significant for REI projects and activities.

This is a great activity for companies, schools, social groups or just amongst friends. It can build understanding between work departments or between rival groups or simply put a different spin on exercising. It is educational, challenging and fun!

We have various courses for you to choose from. Examples include Damascus in Syria to Beirut in Lebanon, Kigali in Rwanda to neighboring DRC or through Karen state, Myanmar to the border of Thailand.

In all challenges virtual visitors hit a milestone every 10 km as they run, bike or walk along the path. The milestones appear in the form of a notification on the phone app and give information about the history, culture, geographical spots, REI project information and successful beneficiaries stories. 

They are set to help the challengers experience the place they are virtually walking in!