Your work can support REI

June 15, 2023

James Nepaulsingh contacted REI in 2022 to say he would like to donate sales from his book, Profile of an Artist, to REI. We were delighted.

James sent me a proof of the book. The art is incredibly powerful with a clear impressive style. I needed to read the text accompanying the art to get it into perspective and understand the anger coming through.

As we know, from visiting refugee communities, activities such as art, drama, sports are great therapy for people affected by trauma. They are means to express oneself that words can’t. I could see how appropriate it was for James to choose to support REI through the book sales.

I recently saw that James has been working with a friend of mine, Tania at the Flying Carpet Factory, to transcribe corporeal mime performance into painting and this reminds me of Smart Art, a great project we supported in Gazientep, Turkey where refugees did amazing murals on public centres around town.

As James explores more ways to express himself, we welcome the proceeds from his book sales and encourage others to support REI through their work.
James’ book is available on Amazon.

Author: Jane Best