Corporate Partnerships

October 14, 2023

We are proud of the various corporate partners we collaborate with. 

Like many organisations we believe in sustainability and this does not just apply to the projects we support but also when starting new partnerships with companies.

REI has worked with Custom Media for many years as their great team of professionals support us with branding, design and website programming. We have developed a close collaborative relationship with great results.

Alishan Organic Center is an organic and vegetarian food supplier and cafe, based in Saitama Prefecture. Alishan sponsored our online REI Cooking Challenge through provision of ingredients, judging the submissions and awarding prizes. This led to Alishan’s own Cooking Challenge through their customer base and Alishan staff involvement in our activities. A great example of teamwork.

Commoncolors G.K. and Global Perspectives K.K. are collaborating to provide workshops and seminars to corporates while supporting REI. The presentations include promoting Sustainability Leadership in organizations; understanding Empowerment and building Resilience. They will provide leadership coaching and organizational development initiatives to organizations and professionals who would like to increase their social impact, with a proportion of the proceeds going to REI.

Eat creative is a marketing company that specializes in telling the unique story of emerging brands. EAT Creative provides workspace for REI team members which creates deeper connections. 

Farm Canning produces products that specifically address ingredients that are not considered “good looking enough” to go on the Japanese food market. They utilise what you could call ‘ugly vegetables’. Farm Canning are providing vegetable recipes prepared in consultation with REI project partners with their products. They believe that eating the food of a country is a way of embracing the culture of that country. 

N.N. Life has participated in a workshop that highlighted the importance of sustainable practices. The workshop showed the resilience of refugees and inspired their staff at the same time. 

The Hilton Hotel Group and The Tokyo Toranomon EDITION have strong partnerships with REI. We run a various assortment of events and being able to use a quality space and professional support greatly enhances the events. 

With all partners REI is looking to expand the concepts to include other companies and other activities.