April 9, 2024

We can offer workshops designed specifically for your needs and wants, be it centered around resilience, empowerment, independence, initiative, and more. REI Workshops offer the opportunity to develop an engaged and motivated team through custom-made workshop events. These provide the chance to think outside of the box and create a stronger, more resilient team through the exchange of ideas and experiences among peers and friends. 

REI Workshops are bespoken to your area of focus, be it a workshop on practical things like building items from scrap material, an instructional seminar on managing a project, or a motivational workshop on empowerment, which can relate to your own life. 

Through our workshops, you will be able to learn more about refugees, their journeys, and their resilience which can then be adopted into your own life.  

These workshops can be catered to corporate settings, schools, groups, clubs, etc.