REI Lunch & Learn

May 14, 2024

Summer 2024 Nairobi Project Visit Report

From June 24 to July 1, REI will visit the Refugee Engagement and Empowerment Project in Nairobi, Kenya.
Upon our return, we will be offering the REI Lunch and Learn sessions to bring you the latest news from the field.

Book us now for a 45-60min lunchtime session where your team can learn:
1. Who are the refugees in Nairobi and how they got there
2. What the current living conditions are like in the urban settlements
3.  How the REI-funded project empowers refugees through skills training
4.  Real-life, first-hand stories from the refugees we will meet this summer (and follow-ups with people we’ve met over the years)

We will discuss:
The current global refugee crisis and the importance of REI’s hand-up approach in refugee communities
What each of us can do to make a meaningful difference to the global refugee issue.

100,000 yen per session

Please contact for more information and to book a session.