Tax benefits for donating

May 8, 2024

You can donate to REI and get tax credits through a system called Furusato Nozei. Minato ku Furusato Nozei offers the option to donate to an organisation rather than receive a gift and you don’t have to live in Minato ku. When you donate to Minato ku Furusato Nozei select Refugee Empowerment International and 70% of your donation will be transferred to REI. This earns you tax credits at the year end. The graphic below explains the process.

To do this go to:
and type in an amount over 2,000 yen.
Choose 団体応援寄付金, fill out the form and select Payment Method.
Type in 特定非営利活動法人国際難民支援団体REI as the organization that you would like to support (in the 団体応援寄付金の対象団体の「入力項目」field)

Minato Ward will send you a donation certificate.
Please note that you will not receive a gift in return for this donation.