Law Wha's Story, Karenni State, Myanmar

March 10, 2023

"Since I started attending this training...I have started to think about Karenni state and how to regain our basic rights, which we have lost.”

Team Building

April 9, 2024

REI offers a variety of team building events and activities that anyone can benefit from, be it your department team, corporate office, or group of friends.


April 9, 2024

We can offer workshops designed specifically for your needs and wants, be it centered around resilience, empowerment, independence, initiative, and more. REI Workshops offer the opportunity to develop an engaged and motivated team through custom-made workshop events. These provide the chance to think outside of the box and create a stronger, more resilient team through the […]

REI Talks

April 9, 2024

REI Talks present an opportunity for members of your organization to learn about REI and its projects and broader refugee issues. These present an opportunity for your team to obtain a new perspective through a variety of themes.   Your choice could be an educational session about wider refugee issues, stories from the field, economic […]

The REI gala 2024 raised ¥9.6M! 

March 18, 2024

The REI gala held at the Conrad Tokyo on Friday, March 1 was a huge success for REI. Thanks to the 150+ guests that attended, our generous sponsors and donors, the event raised ¥9.6 million!  The funds will provide a “hand-up” to displaced communities that have been forgotten by many:  directly benefitting up to 1,500 […]

Returning home in Uganda

March 7, 2024

Imelda received a resettlement kit that benefited her family as well as extending support to her neighbors.

Strength comes from within the community

February 24, 2024

The REI team visit in August 2023 to projects we support on the Thai-Myanmar border yet again introduced us to people who have been empowered through the project activities and now have a role in the community. The projects we support there have gone from strength to strength over the years and this energy comes […]

Training reached over 500 new mothers in Karen state

February 20, 2024

From 26 August to 3 September 2023 an REI team of Jane Best, Yasuko Elison and Gavin Dixon visited three projects funded by REI on the Thai-Myanmar border. One of these projects is the Health Training for new mothers in Karen state, Myanmar and we met the hard-working, brave Karen women who take great risks to […]

Restoring family unity

January 8, 2024

I was so happy to see this change in his life, and now we could build a new future together. The ripple of REI funding reaches well into the community, as the wife of a beneficiary in the addiction rehabilitation program explains below. Many refugees who have been living in camps for a long time turn to alcohol and drugs as a means to escape from the despair that they experience. 

Corporate Partnerships

October 14, 2023

We are proud of the various corporate partners we collaborate with. Like many organisations we believe in sustainability and this does not just apply to the projects we support abut also when starting new partnerships with companies.