Provision of re-settlement kits for returnees in North-Eastern Uganda

June 9, 2012

This project will support 200 returnee families from Morungatuny Camp, Northern Uganda to rebuild their lives and resettle in their ancestral homes. Families will receive resettlement kits that include kitchen items, tools, seeds, mosquito nets and water sanitizers.

Environmental Conservation Project Kitgum District (2009)

November 30, 2009

This project in Kitgum district of northern Uganda aims to support environmental rehabilitation around Internally Displaced Persons’ (IDP) camps and in return areas through promoting the implementation of environmentally friendly activities.

Construction of Boy’s Dormitory – Lira District of Uganda

April 1, 2008

Rachele Comprehensive Secondary School (RCSS) is based in Lira District one of the towns in northern Uganda. RCSS is a fully registered formal secondary school that was established in February 2006 with a total of over 260 students most of whom are Formerly Abducted Children (FAC).